Introducing the Exclusive NFT Collection - 10,791 Rune Stones: A Fusion of Digital and Traditional Art

Discover our captivating new NFT collection featuring 10,791 Rune Stones, where we seamlessly blend digital and traditional art for an extraordinary experience. Each Rune Stone layer is meticulously hand-drawn by our talented painters on a digital tablet, resulting in a LIMITED collection that showcases both rare and unique Rune Stones.

Unlock the Power of Rune Stones: Lifetime Discounts on Luxury Jewelry

Not only will collecting a Rune Stone from our exceptional NFT collection be a fantastic addition to your digital art portfolio, but it also grants you a LIFETIME discount of up to 30% on all our luxury jewelry products.

Experience the Magic of "Custom Weight" in Our NFT Metadata

We've introduced a special parameter in our NFT metadata called "Custom Weight," which determines the level of discount you'll receive. The lower the "Custom Weight," the higher the discount!

Custom Weight & Discounts:

  • <500: 30% discount
  • 500 - 1000: 20% discount
  • 1000 - 2000: 10% discount

Explore the Stunning Rune Stones Collection on OpenSea

Browse and acquire the perfect Rune Stone from our captivating collection on OpenSea, and immerse yourself in the enthralling world of NFTs and luxury jewelry. Don't miss this opportunity to collect a piece of digital art history and enjoy exclusive benefits on our exquisite jewelry products.