Fehu Diamond Club


In order to become a member of the club “FEHU Private Diamond Club“, it is enough to buy a diamond worth €50,000.
When you join the club, you will receive: a) a club member ring, b) a club member card (allowing you to receive private information), C) the opportunity to purchase diamonds at one of the oldest, closed diamond exchanges in Antwerp at a price lower than 25% of the cost at the price of RAPAPORT
(Rapaport Price List 2019).


MEMBER RIGHTS & BENEFITS: the Right to buy and sell diamonds with the help of professional brokers FPDC.  Access to the FPDC Secure Online Trading Platform.  Access to classified information about leading diamond dealers, diamond prices and jewelry manufacturers.  In the event of a business dispute, the right to have the matter resolved quickly through the FPDC arbitration system.  The right to use and display the FPDC logo signifying integrity, experience, and reliability as a diamond merchant.

EDUCATIONAL AND PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMS:  Complimentary seminars and trade education classes.

VOTING RIGHTS:  The right to attend general meetings of the FPDC.  The right to vote at DDC general meetings and EPDC elections.  The right to run for office at the EPDC.  The right to serve on a FPDC committee.

ELIGIBILITY:  Individuals who are or wish to engage in the diamond and or colored gemstone industry, or related jewelry industry trade.

REQUIREMENTS:  Membership in the FPDC is contingent upon the approval of the FPDC Board of Directors.  To be considered for membership candidate’s must provide a completed application to the Executive Office.